Tuesday, November 11, 2014

back on track

assalamualaikum and haii everyone. 

it's been a year dh kot since i left my blog berhabuk and private it. i miss blogging so so so so much. i miss to express everything here. i still remembered, when i'm in form 3. whenever i've something in my mind, i'll sure express everything in my blog. sometimes, i'm crying while typing lol hahahaha. it's kinda funny to rewind back everything. my life has changed a lot like a looooot. you guys knew me from free hair and now i'm proud with my new appearance :) i still have one more semester to go. i'm gonna finish my last semester which is semester four around may 2015 i guess. can't wait to enter degree life. my matriculation life was good. i met someone new. someone who gave me big impact in my life. someone who has changed me to be a better person. hahaha. will continue about that in the next post. 

i think i have to change my blog. i mean new look. since i got 2 weeks before i enter the last semester so i shouldn't waste my time. so yeah, i'll update something later. toodles guys. have a nice day :)